Useful Sites


Mental Health


beyond blue - Great website for information, chat and support for depression and anxiety.


black dog institute - Good website for those suffering from depression, Bipolar disorders and other mood disorders.

gay and lesbian switchboard - Great anonymous telephone counselling, referral and information service for the Victorian

                                                 & Tasmanian LGTBI community and supporters.


headspace - Fantastic website for those aged 12-25 with mental health issues includes web chat and information.


lifeline - Great website to supplement the phone line for crisis support and suicide support.


mental health online - Interesting site on internet based mental health clinical treatment program and resources.


mindspot - Offers free telephone and online service for adults suffering from symptoms of anxiety or depression.


moodgym - Good site where cognitive behaviour therapy skills are learnt for preventing & coping with depression and



my compass - Site that is an interactive self-help service that aims to promote resilience and wellbeing for all.

qlife - Australia’s first nationally-oriented counselling and referral service for people of diverse sex, genders and sexualities.

         Great new website and service with online chat.


reach out -  Website that helps under 25s with everyday questions through to tough times. 


this way up - Online treatment, education and research in anxiety and depression in comic book format.


Other sites


JOY FM 94.9 Melbourne - LGBTI Radio in Melbourne, Australia with ability to listen online.

no to homophobia - Website that campaigns to end harassment based on homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.